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Business Matching for Korea Ocean Expo 2018

Making meaningful meetings with attendees who are relevant to you is the reason why Korea Ocean Expo 2018

is the go-to event for the maritime industry. We recognize this importance and we want to value-add to your

experience through an exclusive matchmaking program.


You will greatly benefit from this if you want to:

  • - Find potential clients
  • - Locate investment opportunities
  • - Forge lucrative partnerships
  • - Broaden your career network
  • - Share and exchange knowledge


What should I expect?

  • - Access this platform by clicking a link sent to your registered email
  • - A curated list of participants based on your interest
  • - A human concierge who would work to maximize your attendance value


How do I get access? 

  • - You will receive an email invite from
  • - This invite will reach you from Monday 7th May 2018 onwards
  • - Be part of this program by registering with your own email address
  • - Register to sign up now!


Take note! We respect your privacy. All of your personal contact information will be kept confidential.

Rest assured that no contact information will be shared via the meetings platform. Happy networking!