Maritime & Safety Equipment

workboat korea 2020


  • The only marine exhibition
    in the metropolitan srea

    Attracting many metropolitan companies and buyers,
    compared to other marine exhibitions held in local areas

    well located to local buyers as most of the maritime
    organizations and entities are based in the capital area

    Built Know-how and awareness since it was
    first held in 2013 together with the
    celebration of the 60th anniversary
    of Korea Coast Guard
  • Buyers with
    high purchasing power

    Korea Coast Guard hosting the event,
    coast guards from home and abroad are
    showing active participation

    Inviting targeted overseas buyers using global network of
    Reed Incheons, the No.1 exhibition arganizer

    Increased business achievement with business
    matching system(Jublia)
  • Show teamConsists of
    Maritime Experts

    Managed by the team who held KORMARINE for 20 years
    and having close partnership with worldwide shipbuilding
    and maritime exhibitions under the Reed exhibitions

    Fully supported by Incheon Metropolitan City and Korea Coast
    Guard, a govemment organization taking responsibility
    for ocean safety

    AAs the main convention center and orhanizer
    of Incheon, Incheon Tourism Organization
    encourages support from local
    organization concemed

Exhibition Items

  • Korea Coast Guard Promotion Pavilion Introduction of Korea Coast Guard Promotion Pavilion
    maritime safety training marine photography
    exhibition, Wear a Life Vest campaign, etc.
  • Safety·Leisure Pavilion Portable searchlight, pontoon, floating structures,canoe,
    kayak,safety gloves, automated defibrllator,first aid kit.
    aqua bike, rescue boat, underwater scooter,emergency
    water purifying kit, etc.
  • Aviation Pavilion Unmanned aircraft wired/wireless integrated gateway,
    marine pollution monitoring equipment, multifunctional
    sailing device, helicopter of maritime operation, hoist,
    oil analyzer, aviation-related equipment
  • Navigation·Communication Device Pavilion satellite terminal for R/B boat, thermal imaging camera,
    sounding machine, radar, mirine electronic equipment,
    floater,fish finder,satellite navigation device,fire control
    system, CCTV, wireless communication device,weather
    monitoring system, etc.
  • Marine Environment Control Pavilion Marine pollution analyzer,skimmer,oil spill fence
    oil absorbent,oil tank, hole(water-proof) stopper,
    protective clothing, etc.
  • Special Equipment Pavilion Flash light, diving equipment,unmanned life-saving robot,
    forensic science equipment, personal protective gear,
    high- powered directional speaker, etc.
  • Shipbuilding Pavilion Shipyard,Shipbuilding equipment and technologies
    LCAC, etc.

Result of previous editions