KOREA 2018

To Exhibit

workboat korea 2018

Exhibiting Options

Companies Schell Scheme(9㎡ min.) Schell Scheme(9㎡ min.) remarks
Domestic KRW290,000/㎡ KRW230,000/㎡ VAT not included
Foreign USD290/㎡ USD230/m²

Raw space

Only the raw space is provided to the specific booked dimension.

Exhibitors are responsible for the design and construction of the stand, using contractors of their own choice.

Exhibitors must submit construction drawing to organizer for approval before the booth constuction.

Schell Scheme

Facilities Quantites
System Booth 1set
Main Sign 1set
100W Spotlight(inside the booth) 3ea
LED Side Acrylic 2ea
220V Outlet(2 Sockets) 1ea
Pytex(gray) 9sqm
Information / Chair / Trash Can 1set